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Buyers of a new home often forget that blinds are not generally included as part of the deal.  They make the big purchase, move all of their possessions and furniture in, and then realize that every single window acts as a booth by which their home is displayed.  Without blinds (or curtains) there is no way to shield what you don’t want seen or control how much light enters your home- talk about frustrating.

Before you start deciding whether or not you’re going to use curtains or blinds in your new home it may be a wise decision to sit down and think about what you’re looking for before you make a purchase.  To help you along (and influence your thinking- hey, at least we admit it), we thought we should explore the blinds pros - here are four things that blinds are good for:

  • Privacy
    This one’s pretty obvious.  Blinds act as a way for you to determine whether or not the outside world will be able to see into your home.  If you decide that you want a bit of privacy it only takes a few twist of the dial to close them, blocking anyone from seeing past them.  Later on, once you’ve had enough privacy, it’s just as simple to open them again.

    Blinds are useful in that they allow you to “stay open” when you want and give you the ability to close up shop whenever you’ve had enough.  They are also especially useful if your neighbours like to see what’s going on and have a look inside.
  • Light
    One of the biggest advantages that a good set of blinds offers is the fact that you can use them to control exactly how much light enters your home at any given moment.  Feeling a bit too bright?  No problem- dim, or completely close, the blinds at your discretion.  Not bright enough?  Simply open the privacy blinds and let the light pour on in.

    What’s best is that you’re able to control how much natural light comes in, which can help save on electrical costs (as you won’t need to have lights on during the day) and also makes your home look nicer (natural light is much easier on the eyes than mechanical light).

A privacy blind gives excellent solar control also for the simple things such as avoiding the glare or blind-spots on televisions or computer screens. 
Good quality privacy blinds can act as an aid to conserving energy by reflecting heat on hot summer days and by preventing heat loss at night or on cold winter days

  • Decoration
    Adding the proper set of blinds to a room can really compliment the room’s decoration and style.  If you spent a fair bit of time seriously considering what you were going to choose chances are good that the blinds that you’ve chosen completely match your design choice open and closed. 

    Many homeowners forget to properly consider their blinds when they are decorating, and come the time when the décor is now a finished product the blinds tend to look out of place as they were not necessarily chosen to match the theme or style.
  • Security
    Having your blinds closed will keep your home cooler as well as safe from inquisitive eyes.  Anyone who may be looking for expensive items – TV’s, stereos, etc. – will be unable to see what you have inside your home, possibly preventing a break in or theft.

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