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From the simple perspective of dressing your windows and the choice between blinds or curtains is made all the more confusing by the huge range of styles and designs available. 

Clearly one of the first questions to ask when selecting “blinds or curtains” is to consider the purpose of the room. Bedrooms often require effecting light blocking applications which would natural lean the choice heavily in favour of blinds.

On the other hand a room such as the kitchen which usually requires a great deal of natural light could be an area where curtains are preferable albeit I would also view the extraction system within this selection as we still have to consider the ease of cleaning the window dressing.

Whilst ever it may not be our first thought a big factor in some people’s choice is cleaning especially if it is linked to health issues, and one choice of blinds or curtains may be made due to allergies or respiratory conditions. Blinds are known to collect dust and will probably need to be cleaned daily, whereas curtains are less likely to harbour dust mites.

The existing décor may also make a substantial difference in your choice of curtains or blinds as you will want either to compliment and blend in with the current or proposed style. Some of us prefer the minimalist look and don’t want “fussy” window treatments whereas a need to introduce lots of colour may lean you back towards a curtain option

Both blinds and curtains are effective ways at blocking light from entering a room, creating an atmosphere of privacy and seclusion.  Many people prefer having the windows open when it is bright outside and having the blinds closed in the evening (when it’s time for some privacy and intimacy).

Blinds can be a bit more expensive than curtains, but they’re also more customisable when it comes to functionality.  Curtains generally have two “settings”: open, and closed.  Blinds allow a lot more functionality, letting you half them half open, closed and partially open, shrouded, un-shrouded, etc.


  • Price
    Blinds tend to be more expensive because there is more involved in making them functional in both design and appearance.  Some of the cheaper styles of blinds tend to look rather drab, while more expensive ones are more elaborate and impressive.
  • Aesthetics
    One major advantage (in my mind) is that blinds can look like a mixture of both worlds.  The type of blinds that I have in my bedroom can be opened and closed like curtains (the blades hang vertically), yet the function is the same as any other blind. 
  • Simplicity
    If you have cats (as I do), you’ll understand how annoying it is when you find little holes and tears in your curtains, or more often, covered in fur.  Blinds negate the whole problem.  This was also a major selling point for me.


Curtains vary dramatically in price- a cheap curtain is £12 and the rod and hangers are another £5.  You would be hard pressed to find blinds for £17, even the cheap ones.  One thing about curtains that people really enjoy is that they are more traditional looking, covering more of the window and wall when compared to blinds.


  • Price
    Generally, curtains are less expensive than blinds albeit that made to measure can be pricey.
  • Aesthetics
    I would say that there’s no real difference in the quality of a good curtain than there is with a good set of blinds. 
  • Not pet friendly
    If you have dogs or cats you can expect them to be all over your curtains. 


Make your choice on the functional needs for the room, and don’t ignore your overall tastes - you need to be happy with your final choice.

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