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Do you need new blinds?  Burying New blinds or are you a new homeowner still deciding how to decorate your room? You’ve probably paid close attention to how you plan to redecorate your rooms and considered little details, such as light fittings, and general décor, but blinds are often the last things to be considered during the design phase, and yet they can make a dramatic impact on how the room flows and feels. Buying blinds can be one of the most important finishing touches; indeed some even make it the starting point.

Special considering should be placed on blinds that are destined for say, your bedroom, as you will wake up every day and go to sleep every night looking at those blinds.  Throwing a random set of blinds up “just to get the job done” is okay if its temporary, but eventually you may grow tired of their appearance or functionality.  Eventually you will want replacement blinds of good quality, and you will wish to be considering blinds that better suit your tastes.  When the day comes to buy new blinds, remember to consider four things:

  • Price
    Blinds can be expensive, and I’m sure you’ve already experienced “sticker shock” and are well versed on how expensive blinds can really be.  While it’s not always a good idea to get the most inexpensive blinds available, watching what you spend is important.  Often, the difference between a £500 and a £750 set of blinds is something quite small (such as the type of thread used or the embroidered stitching on each blade.  In considering blinds also consider the price.

    Before you set out to buy replacement blinds it is probably a good idea to set your maximum budget.  If you have £5,000 to spend and have 50 windows in your home you have a budget of £100 per window.  Once you’ve determined your budget you may start shopping around and checking out various designs. 
  • Material
    You know the difference between thick wooden slats and those thing plastic ones?  About 10 years worth of durability.  If you are placing blinds in an area where you anticipate a moderate amount of traffic (such as a bedroom) you should invest in quality blinds that aren’t going to break the moment that something falls on them.

    There are a variety of different materials that you can choose from, such as wood, plastic, and even fiber blades, and each type of material will have it’s own set of different qualities.  Wood, for example, will be much more resilient and durable than plastic, but it may also let a bit more light in or be difficult to customize.
  • Size
    Blinds typically have three dimensions that are worth knowing: the total width, the total expanded height, and the width of each individual blade.  You obviously want a set of blinds that will completely cover the length and width of your window, but the actual size of the blades may take some thought.

    Thicker blades have a more simplistic look as there are fewer of them, whereas thinner blades can block more light as they mesh together more efficiently.  If living in total blackness (or at least having that option) is important to you than you may want to consider thinner blades.
  • Type
    There are different types of blind.  Of course, there’s the traditional blade type that can be opened to let slits of light in or closed for privacy.  As well, you can get “folding” blinds that fold up into decorative designs or unfold to create privacy.

    There are other types as well, so your best bet will be to visit a hardware store and have a look for yourself.  Choose one that will add to your environment- remember, blinds are just one part of your decorative scheme.

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